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Next Door Buddies Video – Office fuck

Hey there guys, time for one more next door buddies video today. This time we have a guy that serves as a male secretary to a horny boss. And today his boss is feeling extra tensed. So his job implies making sure that the big man is getting to relax as well, as you know that being overly stressed is of no help to anybody. So after his boss has one heated argument with a client on the phone The guy makes his entrance to bring his man some nice and hot tea, and perhaps his nice and tight ass as well if he’s feeling up for it.

As you know having some sex does help to calm anyone down , and turns out that the guy’s boss didn’t have to thing twice before just grabbing him and pulling down his pants to offer his cock to his male secretary to suck on. The guy does a wonderful job as he leaves his boss moaning in pleasure at his style of sucking and slurping on his big cock. Suffice to say afterwards, the big man wanted to put his cock in some ass as well, so watch the horny guy ride his bosses dick today for your entertainment. Enjoy and see you in the future nextdoorbuddies udpate guys! Check out website for more videos!

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Next Door Buddies Videos – Kevin Crows and Ty Roderick

Today we bring you some hot next door buddies videos featuring Kevin Crows a usual here in our updates and his pair for this one named Ty Roderick. These guys know what they’re doing and they’re here to put on some quality entertainment for everyone to enjoy. We paired them today in hopes that sparks will fly and so they did. So enjoy the show everyone.

Sit back and watch as Ty and Kevin switch places while they suck one another’s bog dicks for your enjoyment today and then watch them pass on to a more hard core ass fucking at today. You just have to see these two gay studs fucking each other in their tight asses today. You won’t regret it everyone. Trust us. See you next time with more content like always and if you can’t wait until the next week’s update, check out blog and have a great time watching other sexy gay twinks fucking.

Nextdoorbuddies – Locker room sex

Another week has come and like always it’s time for one more nextdoorbuddies update. Today we have a treat for you as we bring you a trio of guys that have their hard style sex fun in the locker room. The three guys here are all football players and they thing that the best key to their amazing team play is the fact that they love each other so much. And because of that they are always the first to arrive at practice and last ones to leave. Why? Well they like to have the locker room all to themselves every day after everyone leaves so they can reinforce their teamwork. And by that we mean with a good ol’ fashioned next door buddies gay threesome. And with that let’s get this show on the road.

As the scene starts they make their entry to the lockers and they patiently await for the rest of the guys to leave so they can have the whole spot to themselves just like they want it. So without further due, sit back and enjoy the awesome next door buddies porn fuck fest that they do. They begin with sucking one one another’s dicks to get each other nice and hard and after that one of them has to take the role of being fucked in his ass and mouth. So watch as the guy underneath penetrates and stretches that ass all nicely and the other guy as he’s fucking the guy’s mouth with a passion. We hope you enjoyed your stay and expect more content next week. We’ll have a treat for you then. Check out website and have a great time watching other hot college guys fucking.


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Next Door Buddies – Pool table fuck

Hey there again everyone, next door buddies here once again with more hot guys having hard core sex for your enjoyment. Today we bring you one hard style anal fucking that’s going down on a pool table between two very horny and hot hunks. Let’s just say that this pair knows how to make the best of any situation as you’ll get to see in this gay sex  scene. The two guys were playing pool and one of them bet the other that he can’t make a trick shot. Suffice to say the guy did manage to make the shot and he got to fuck  the other guy as he wanted in this update.

Well that was the bet they made. So the guy that lost had to offer up his ass for some hard style fucking this afternoon by his friend. A thing that didn’t really bother him much, he even enjoyed it, since the two regularly have sex wherever they feel like dropping their pants and engaging in some hard action. So watch the couple fucking right onto the pool table today at nextdoor buddies just for your viewing pleasure guys. We hope to see you again soon with even more, so sit tight until then and enjoy this update. Bye bye!


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Kevin Crows and Conner Maguire

For these next door buddies videos we have Kevin Crows and Conner Maguire fucking one another’s asses in this sweet update. The two men are very passionate, and that passion can be seen in their love for motorized vehicles and as well as their sex sessions. They met up first time at a bike customizing fair and they’ve been together ever since. You could say that that passion brought these two bangbangboys together.

Take some time off and enjoy this nextdoorbuddies gallery update with two horny men fucking in their garage throughout the whole afternoon. See as Kevin gets bent over and watch Conner fuck his tight ass balls deep with his big cock today. You’ll get to see Kevin moan in pleasure as he’s getting his ass thoroughly worked today. See you next week with another gallery and enjoy this one until then. Bye guys!


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Nextdoor Buddies – Gay threesome

For this nextdoor buddies update we have a group of three guys all ready to get wild in front of the cameras for your viewing pleasure. These three have their own little group that they formed to go on some hikes every now and then, but what was a nice friendship turned into some nice threesomes every time that the guys were all alone in their travels. Suffice to say they brought their new hobby back home with them and every now and then the group gets together to have some nice and hot threesome sex as you’ll see in this amazing next door buddies porn update today. And with that let’s see just what the trio of studs has planned for this evening to show off.

They get together at the home of one of them since his house was free throughout the weekend so they’d have plenty of time to enjoy some private sex sessions for this one. In their first evening they made sure to have that type of fun so they all got naked and started to suck on one another’s cocks for one impressive start to this nextdoorbuddies update today. You can pretty much imagine that this was just the start of this fuck fest and that this show would continue long into the weekend.SO watch them fucking all over the place for this whole gallery of pictures guys, and enjoy. Like always enjoy, and be sure to check out the past updates as well. See you next time! If you liked this video check out website and find similar content. See you next time!


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Next Door Buddies – Parker London and Jay Cloud

This week’s next door buddies gay porn gallery has another super hot pair of horny guys getting their naughty side on to have some fun. The two are named Parker London and Jay Cloud and they’re here to have a good time, and also to ensure that you are as well. For this scene they met up at a bar and since they are very old friends they do spend some time catching up to have they have been doing lately before heading back to  a private hotel room to have some extra fun for the afternoon.

So without further due, sit back and enjoy these guys fucking on that black leather couch today for your enjoyment. Trust us you won’t want to miss this hard style fucking at this week. You just have to see the show that these two horny hunks put on for the jocks studios cameras as they start off their sex session. In the beginning you’ll be able to see some hot and juicy blowjobs commence and then the guys take turns lying on their backs for the other one tuck his tight holes. Enjoy guys as we’ll be seeing you once again with next week’s update.


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Brandon Lewis and Steven Daigle

In today’s next door buddies update we have another hot couple of studs fucking hard in the living room for the afternoon. These two sexy twinks know how to have a good time and they intend to show off what they’ve got in this gallery. Their relationship began a few months ago when they met up at a bar and they seem to be madly in love ever since then. In this nexdoorbuddies scene you get to see them how they go about their routine.

So Brandon here is the alpha male in their relationship and he always takes the reigns during their sex sessions. As he arrives to find his boyfriend waiting for him he undresses him and bends him over to have access to his tight ass. And Steven just loves that feeling of his ass being thoroughly plowed by his guy. Watch them spend this day fucking all around the place.


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Nextdoorbuddies – James Jamesson Jarvis Chandler

Nexdoorbuddies is making another turn today. In this one we have James once again and this time we’ve paired him with Jarvis Chandler. James here is going to break in this new recruit to the inner workings of this group and studio. Jarvis needs to learn quickly how to adapt and his first lesson is going to be submission. Either way you’ll get to see one amazingly hot gallery with two horny guys with extra big dicks that will have some sexual fun for your enjoyment today. So let’s not wait around any longer and get this show on the road today, shall we? We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with all of these pictures for this next door buddies update. So sit back and enjoy the show with these two hunks.

As the scene starts the two guys are just talking about what’s going to happen in this scene and how it will go down. At least James is telling him everything that he’s going to do to him today. As the scene starts James has the other guy sit on a chair as he plants himself above him with his big cock, and waiting for it to be sucked. Jarvis knows his job and gets to sucking and slurping on that big meat pole with everything he’s got for this one. So without further due, sit back and watch Jarvis deep throating James’s cock today. Oh you can rest assured that the couple did more than this. Anyway we’ll be back next time with more next door buddies videos for you to enjoy guys. See you then.


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Next Door Buddies – Spencer Reed and Phillip Aubrey

Hey there again everyone, for our second gallery at next door buddies we have another pair of guys engaging in some fun together. The two guys are named Spencer Speed and Philip Aubrey, and both of them are a very horny pair of guys that actually share some very interesting fetishes. For example they both share a not so unique passion for light BDSM and Spencer always likes to be the one that’s dominated. No problem though as Philip has no problems taking the reins and bending the guy over to fuck his tight ass.

As the scene starts you can see the two studs kissing and caressing one another’s very muscular and sexy bodies. Soon though Philip offers up his cock and since Spencer is the one being the little man slut for the day, he’s suppose to suck it good. Watch him deep throat that meat pole at today and enjoy the show that the guys will put on for your viewing pleasure. Oh but that’s not all that they did. If you’re curious about what else came next take a peek and enjoy. We’ll be seeing you next week with more content. And if you can’t wait until the next week’s update come inside blog and have fun!


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