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Introducing Kayden Andrews

As another fresh week starts off, we’re back once more with brand new and hot next door buddies updates and more hot and naughty hunks in action. As you know so far, this site is the best to come and check out when you want to see some pretty superb and luscious gay fuck scenes with some horny and hot hunks every single week. In this new one we bring you the horny and hot Mr Kayden Andrews as he gets to have fun with the other guy we gave him and sure enough the two made magic in this nextdoorbuddies scene today. Let’s get to watch how they spent their time fucking one another and see them have lots and lots of fun.


Well, the couch is their go to place as well for this week as you can see and they aim to put it to some good use this fine day too. Let’s get their show started and see them sucking one another’s big and thick dicks to make sure that the cocks are nice and ready for the next bit of the whole thing too. Then the real action comes into play naturally as the two guys get to take turns to fuck each other balls deep in the ass today. So sit back and enjoy the view and we’ll be seeing you once more next week with another hot and juicy little gallery. Until then have fun with this one and do check out the past galleries as well for even more nasty action too.

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I’m Getting Married

Hey there guys and gals and like always welcome to more new next door buddies scenes this week as well. Some time ago you got to see two married guys getting to play and have fun so here’s another gallery kind of themed around that. You can see these two hot hunks partying hard this afternoon after one of them proposed to the other one to get married. The thing is that they were so happy to be engaged now that they just had to come back home from outdoors where they were and have some sex to celebrate it. So let the nextdoorbuddies scene commence and let’s watch this happy couple fucking all over the place when they get back home!

As soon as they walk in through the door they seem superbly ready to get to play. And they didn’t get to arrive to the bedroom either like so many other horny duos around here. Anyway, the blonde guy gets to be the one to receive in this one, so just sit back and watch him laying on his back on the dining room table and you can see him getting his ass eaten and cock sucked by the other guy here today. And naturally after that he gets to keep the position as he gets fucked missionary style up the ass too. See him moaning in pleasure and watch the two have fun with one another. There will be more to see next week as well with another couple!


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Next Door Buddies – Deep Greeting

Welcome back and it’s time to enjoy one more next door buddies scenes here this week. We know fully well what you want to see and be sure that we have more of it for you to take your time and watch today too. The pair of guys that gets to go wild today, do so in the living room and put on quite the show for everyone that gets to drop by and check them out in some action this afternoon. Well, let’s get right into it and watch some more hot and sexy nextdoorbuddies show off just how good they are when they get to fuck in bed right in front of the cameras too today. And we bet that you guys want to see the action go down as well!

Well rather on the couch for this one but you get the idea everyone. We get to see just how naughty and wild the two get with each other right from the start, pretty much like all the guys get to do here. But it’s just so awesome to see these guys sucking on one another’s cocks and getting each other nice and hard for the bit that involves anal plowing. And these two are simply put stars at the whole thing if you will. Just watch it and you’ll see what we mean. Enjoy their one on one action scene with lots of cock sucking and anal sex and have fun with it. We’ll be back as always next week once again with a new and fresh gallery for you!


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Next Door Buddies – Evening Bootycall

It’s that time of the week again and you all know what that means. There’s all new and all fresh next door buddies updates all ready to be put on display for you and you get to watch some more nasty action with these two right here. Let’s get right down to business and check out some pretty superb and hot galleries just like always as you can check out these two hot studs getting to do pretty much whatever they want in their naughty and sensual nextdoorbuddies scene here for the afternoon. Well either way, you can bet that the classy couch gets to be put to some damn good use this afternoon as the two get to fuck one another.


The two guys are already naked by the time the show begins. It seems that they were horny enough to not even get to the bedroom so you can bet that they weren’t going to wait any longer for the fucking either. The guy with no tattoos gets to be the one on the receiving end in this one so you can see him sucking and slurping his buddy’s cock with a passion for the start to get him hard. Then the other dude makes him bounce up and down his dick as he gets his cock ridden cowboy style. It’s a pretty amazing and juicy little show, so have fun with it and we’ll return soon enough with even more naughty and hot galleries for you. Bye bye everyone!

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Frat Boy Pick-Up

Another fresh week and time to check out a brand new next door buddies scene here today. So far you’ve gotten to see a lot of kinky studs getting down and dirty with each other and you know that we aim to do our best to surpass each new scene in greatness with the next one. And this week’s little gallery update features a pair of frat guys from college and they get to spend the afternoon playing kinky with each other right here and right now. It’s one of those must see nextdoorbuddies scenes and you can easily find yourself adoring the action that the two take part in. So anyway, let’s check out this gay fuck scene with the two dudebros and enjoy the view!


You can see that the tattooed blonde guy has all the skills necessary to get to play with this other guy and he sure wants to take his time to do so as well here today. Let’s get to the action and see how the pair gets to play with one another just for your viewing pleasure. They start off in sweatpants and tank tops, but those come off quick as things get more and more heated and they get more and more naughty. The blonde guy gets to suck the other one off and make him feel what heaven is like for a bit, before taking off his pants too and getting to take a ride on that nice and hard meat of his friend’s today. Enjoy it and come back soon for more new shows!

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Next Door Buddies – Married Secrets

Hey there and welcome to this week’s simply stunning and hot next door buddies scene everyone. We’re sure that you want to see some more kinky action go down with hot hunks and here we are with more of it. This scene features the adventures of a married couple of guys and they are just a treat to behold on cameras here. They will get to take their time to play the whole afternoon today and there’s no way that you can skip over the whole thing. Especially if you like to see hot nextdoorbuddies getting to fuck one another balls deep in the ass. So anyway, let’s get right into the action and check out this pair at play this afternoon without delay!

Well as you can clearly see, the action goes down on that nice and big comfy couch and the first order of business for these two, as much as a lot of other guys around here is to get naked first. So the foreplay involves them kissing and caressing one another with a passion as they also take off those hot clothes. And then it’s time for the oral to be put on display too, with both guys being quite adept at blowing man meat as you will see. So yes, after all that, you can see the couch getting put to some good use as both guys get to bend over for one another and fuck each other nice and deep anally here today. We’ll be back again next week with more for you so make sure you drop by!


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Introducing Ryan Pitt

Welcome to today’s new and fresh next door buddies update and more gay sex scenes. As always we strive to bring you the best of the best and this little gallery here is no different either. In this one you get to watch as a brand new guy named Ryan Pitt gets to show off his skills in bed with the aid of another hot stud that we gave him. So strap in and get ready, because in this one you get to see a simply stunning and incredible gay fuck with the new guy in his hot and juicy nextdoorbuddies scene here. So without further due, let’s get those cameras rolling and let’s get to watch as some balls deep anal fucking goes down in this one with two more hot guys!


Pretty much right from the start the two get to be all over one another as they kiss and caress each other’s bodies all over. Since Ryan is the one that needs to show off, you get to see him whip out his cock first today and starts to work that nice and fine ass of his buddy’s with his cock after he receives some impressive oral from the other guy to make sure that he’s standing at attention. so watch him lay the guy on his back and see him fucking the guy missionary style with his big cock for the whole duration of this scene today. We’ll see you once more next week and you can bet that we’ll have even more juicy and hot galleries for you to see everyone. See you all then!

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Nosy Best Friend

Hey there again everyone. We’re here once more with a brand new next door buddies scene and we know that you will adore watching this one go down here today. There’s two best buddies that get to play naughty here and you just have to see them get into some action. The short version is that these two ended up banging this fine afternoon because one of them is too nosy and decided to interrupt the other’s masturbation session. So naturally, to punish him, he takes that ass all for himself and you get to see the nosy buddy getting penetrated balls deep in this scene while he moans in pleasure throughout the whole thing. So let’s check it out!

Well the longer version is that one of the guys is busy getting his cock pleased and you can check him out stroking his dick with a passion in his bed. The other guy starts to snoop in on him and he finds the whole thing quite entertaining. Entertaining enough to actually whip out his cock as well and jack off too. Sure enough he ends up making noise and the guy just ends up in the room anyway. Well now that hey both are here they might as well enjoy the whole thing too. So you get to watch the guy spread his legs and take it missionary style for the rest of this scene from his fuck buddy. We’ll be back again soon with another scene so make sure to come by soon!


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Meet The Fuck Buddies

Hey there guys and welcome. We want to show off a simply incredible and hot next door buddies scene for you to check out today right here and right now and of course we’re bringing you more classy gay fuck fests with lots of hot and horny gay hunks too. This week you have the privilege of checking out no less than four guys in action and they take their sweet time to have some naughty and kinky sex for you this afternoon. Let’s just take our time and check out a superb group fucking scene with a juicy foursome and these nextdoorbuddies that get to party hard. We can bet that you guys want to check it out without any more delays today!


The group of guys was really eager to get started with this one today and you can tell that they were going to have a good time. Just see them start off their whole thing with some passionate kissing and caressing to start off and you can see just how happy the group was to get to play along with one another in this one too. Sit back relax and watch as they get around to suck and slurp on one another’s big dicks to get each other nice and hard for the next bit where they get to use those cocks on each other’s asses and moan in pleasure as they fuck one another anally. We’ll be back soon with another collection of naughty scenes, so we’ll see you guys then. Bye bye!

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Next Door Buddies – Cock Virgins

Welcome back to a new and hot next door buddies scenes this week. We bring you a pair that is all up for having some naughty fun and they know that they will have your attention this afternoon too. So let’s just get the show rolling and see them in action. As the title suggests both of them are virgins and never did this before but they are pretty happy to get to try it out for a change. As we get to start off, you can see this simply stunning and hot pair begin their fun and carry on throughout the afternoon with each other. So let’s get to see some truly interesting action that they get to take part in with one another and you can see a nice and hot gay fuck with them!

As soon as the cameras roll, the two are all over each other and we bet that you will adore the foreplay that they end up doing with one another too. Sit back and relax while they get to kiss and caress each other and then check them out in some more naughty and hot stuff as they get to fuck one another in the ass as well. We can pretty much guarantee that you will adore the time the two take to fuck hard style all over the place and once you’re done you’ll want more of them. Well let’s hope that the two make a come back really soon and show off some more. Until then have fun everyone and enjoy the glorious and sexy scene here!


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